Netflix: after Vikings Valhalla, this ultra-violent film set in medieval times is a hit

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Earlier in the week, we introduced you to the this film which mixes adventure and police investigation and which is a hit on Netflix, at; know Enola Holmes 2. And while the film, bringing together the star of the series Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, but also that of The Witcher, Henry Cavill, is positioned in this moment in first place of the most popular films on the streaming platform, the latter is being hounded; by another film which also plunges us into the past, but in a completely different way, much more brutal

Netflix: after Vikings Valhalla, this ultra-violent film set at the Medieval times are a hit

jan zizka: legendary military leader and national hero

Many spectators seem fond of historical films and series, thus plunging us into the past, the time of the Middle Ages. Indeed, this long period is full of captivating stories, with characters who have become mythical and battles as epic as they are legendary. One of the most famous latest series of the genre is surely Vikings, inspired by the saga of the famous Ragnar Lothbrok. The series is notably entitled to; a spin-off, Vikings: Valhalla, a series that has been streaming on Netflix since February this year.

And more recently, Netflix has offered another historical film recounting the story of a legendary Czech warrior. Released November 8 on the platform, the film Medieval tells the story of Jan Zizka, a 14th century Hussite warlord who became one of the heroes most revered in the country.

Netflix: after Vikings Valhalla, this ultra-violent film set at the medieval times is a hit

The film is made; by Petr Jákl, and brought together an unexpected English-speaking cast, with Ben Foster in the main role, who plays alongside Matthew Goode, Michael Caine, William Moseley and Sophie Lowe. With a budget of over $20 million, Medieval becamethe most expensive Czech film ever made.

The story therefore takes us alongside Zizka when the latter is still only the simple leader of a group of mercenaries, although he either already recognized as a seasoned fighter. The character evolves in a tense political context following a the death of Emperor Charles IV of the Holy Roman Empire, and will then find himself at the heart of a power struggle for the succession to the throne between the sons of the Emperor, to namely King Wenceslas and King Sigismund.

Netflix: after Vikings Valhalla, this ultra violent film set at the medieval times are a hit

Zizka and his men will then be chosen by the king for a perilous mission: ` know how to kidnap Lady Katherine, the bride of a powerful lord, Lord Rosenberg. But in reality, Katherine's rank will put her and Zizka at the heart of a huge political game. However, the two characters will discover each other and become attached to one another. the other, thus bringing Zizka to the to take the side of the woman, but also and above all to; turn against his king.

This will thus mark the beginning of the history of the one who will have a national hero for the kingdom of Bohemia, and will subsequently be considered ;dé as one of the most renowned military leaders by many historians. However, at note that Medieval is a film that may not be suitable for the youngest, especially because of the graphic violence of several scenes, especially during certain confrontations.

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