Nephew of Fermín Silva won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree

Nephew of Fermín Silva won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree

The company Lenus S.A.C., owned by Leyder Núñez, obtained seven contracts between November and January, under the rule signed by President Pedro Castillo and Minister Geiner Alvarado. The businessman, a relative of the president's friend, is also a native of Chota, Cajamarca.

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Fermín Silva's nephew won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree

President Pedro Castillo; his friend Fermín Silva, owner of the La Luz clinic; businessman Leyder Núñez, Silva's nephew and owner of Lenus S.A.C.; and Minister Geiner Alvarado. Composition: GEC

Fermín Silva's nephew won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree

Yesenia Vilcapoma

Research Unit

In the list of public works financed with the endorsement of Emergency Decree 102- 2021, signed by the president Pedro Castillo and the minister Geiner Alvarado last October, there are seven projects that were awarded to consortiums made up of Lenus S.A.C., a company owned by Leyder Núñez, nephew of Fermín Silva Cayatopa< b>, friend of the head of state. Núñez, Silva and Castillo were born in Chota, Cajamarca.

According to information obtained by El Comercio, the amount of the contracts awarded to the relative of the owner of the La Luz clinic amounts to S/33.9 million, which were awarded between November 2021 and January of this year through selection processes carried out by district municipalities of Cajamarca, Amazonas and Loreto.

The prosecutor's office is investigating the case of Yenifer Paredes, and other relatives of the president, for alleged corruption in awarding works in Anguía, Chota, which were also delivered with the support of the aforementioned emergency decree.

The relationship between the doctor Fermín Silva and the businessman Leyder Núñez was confirmed by the latter. “We are family. His father and mine are cousins”, Núñez told this newspaper in reference to Ezequiel Silva and Eloy Núñez.

Lenus S.A.C., based in Chiclayo (Lambayeque), was established in 2011 by Leyder Núñez and José Ávila Vargas. Years later, Arnaldo Tapia Delgado joined as a shareholder.

Tapia registers an entry to the Government Palace, on August 23 of the year past, to meet with the then head of the technical office of the Presidency of the Republic, Auner Vásquez.

Last June, the company increased its share capital from S/99 million to S/307.8 million with “reconstruction bonds”, issued by the State after the El Niño phenomenon of 1983, according to Public Records. Currently, the value of these bonds are not recognized by state entities because they are prescribed.

It should be noted that in October 2020 , the State Contracting Court sanctioned Lenus S.A.C. with eight months of disqualification as a supplier for “have caused the entity [community of Kañaris, Lambayeque] to resolve the contract [for S/2.7 million]”.

Works with decree

Under the emergency decree, in November –in less than a week and on consecutive days–, the nephew's company de Fermín Silva obtained four contracts, as part of consortia, totaling S/16.8 million in that month alone.

The first good pro was delivered on November 23 by the Municipality of Cumba, Amazonas region, district where Salatiel Marrufo was born, who was head of the advisory cabinet of Minister Alvarado until August 4 recently. Previously, Marrufo had been an external adviser to the mayor of Anguía, José Medina, investigated for the case of President Castillo's sister-in-law, according to what was revealed by El Comercio.

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">The award of this contract, for S/329 thousand, was in the name of the Sinai Consortium to build a park in that town in Amazonas.

The following day, on November 24, the commune of San Luis de Lucma (Cutervo, Cajamarca) awarded the award of a work for S/4 million to Consorcio San Luis, in order to improve the drinking water facilities and sanitation.

Fermín Silva's nephew won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree

Last June, Lenus S.A.C. increased its capital stock to S/307.8 million with “reconstruction bonds” from 1984, whose value is not currently recognized by the State.

On November 25, in the district of Huarango (San Ignacio, Cajamarca), Consorcio Constructor Naranjo obtained the award for a project of S/6.2 million.

A day later, on the 26th of the same month, the Municipality of Pomahuaca (Jaén, Cajamarca) awarded a contract for S/6.2 million to Consorcio Ejecutor Sondor, also made up of Leyder Núñez's company.< /p>

Then, last December and January, consortiums made up of Lenus S.A.C. won the last three selection processes, with the aforementioned emergency decree in force.

On December 10, the commune of Condebamba (Cajabamba, Cajamarca ) granted the approval of a S/4.3 million project to the Consorcio Ejecutor Agua Potable.

Fermín Silva's nephew won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree

In October 2020, the court of the State Procurement Supervisory Body (OSCE) sanctioned to Lenus S.A.C. for causing the termination of an awarded contract.

On December 13, in the municipality of Cochabamba (Chota, Cajamarca), the S/5.6 million contract was awarded to Consorcio Los Andes.

And on January 27, the Municipality of Alto Nanay (Maynas, Loreto) contracted Consorcio Santa María for S/7.1 million.

Consulted by this newspaper, Leyder Núñez denied that his uncle Fermín Silva, a friend of President Castillo, had interceded to favor him with contracts from public bodies. “I don't have a close relationship with him [Fermín Silva], neither friendly nor business, because we are from different generations and we work in different fields”, he said.

He added that “I am an entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience. We had no impediment to participate [in the selection processes]. We have participated in different calls; sometimes we win and sometimes we lose”.

On the other hand, regarding his visit to the Government Palace, Arnaldo Tapia said that former presidential adviser Auner Vásquez has been his friend since they were university students and that their meeting with him was going to be to appoint him to a government position. “I waited for him, but in the end we couldn't meet” , he said.

Fermín Silva's nephew won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree


< p>Businessman Arnaldo Tapia, shareholder of Lenus S.A.C., enters the Government Palace to meet with adviser Auner Vásquez.


Emergency Decree 102-2021 is published.


Fermín Silva's nephew won works for S/33.9 million with an emergency decree


< p>Lenus S.A.C., in a consortium, wins the award of a project for S/329,000 in Cumba (Amazonas), home district of former Housing Advisor Salatiel Marrufo.


It is awarded a sanitation work in San Luis de Lucma (Cajamarca) for S/4 million.

525/11/2021< p>

The good project wins in Huarango (Cajamarca) for an amount of S/6.2 million.


A contract was awarded for the creation of the drinking water service in Pomahuaca (Cajamarca) for S/6.2 million.


< /p>

Win the fifth award via Emergency Decree 102-2021. This time, in Condebamba (Cajamarca) for more than S/4.3 million.


Get the contract for a sanitation project in Cochabamba (Cajamarca) for S/5.6 million.


Lenus S.A.C., in a consortium, wins the award for a sanitation project in Alto Nanay (Loreto) for S/7.1 million.

More details

This newspaper tried to collect the version of Minister Geiner Alvarado, who He was the owner of Housing between July 2021 and August of this year, but until the closing of this edition his lawyer did not respond.

It was also done calls and messages were sent to Fermín Silva, owner of the La Luz clinic, asking him to provide statements. The doctor did not answer either.

According to the investigations, Silva had interference in the appointment of Hugo Chávez Arévalo as general manager of Petro-Perú, investigated in the case of the biodiesel tender.