Neolithic human sacrifice skulls found in Spain

In Spain, archaeologists have discovered a completely unusual burial of the Middle Neolithic era. The burial contained two human skulls and the skeletal remains of a young goat. Previously, scientists with such a ritual of sacrifice have never met in the Iberian Peninsula.

Neolithic human sacrifice skulls found in Spain

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The find belongs to specialists from the University of Seville. Scientists have dated the burial between 4800-4000 BC. The discovery was made in southern Spain in the Cueva de la Dechecilla. It is noteworthy that the discovered skulls at one time belonged to a woman and a man. On the first, there is a characteristic lesion, which may indicate trepanation. In addition, traces of decapitation were found on the remains. Human skulls in the burial were separated from the goat skeleton by a stele. There are also fragments of a stone altar.

The discovered artifacts are well preserved, so scientists hope to get a lot of new knowledge about the Neolithic era. At the same time, experts say that such a sacrifice ritual has never been seen before. It is possible that such a ceremony was carried out during major holidays. This could be an offering of the highest value – human life – as a sacrifice (gift) to an unknown deity.

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