Don't forget to get extra money and save gas

Photo: dpa

Nimechchini’s order to ensure the supply of gas and electricity supply networks

About 70% of them are already trying to protect gas and electricity, as well as car beds.

Vlada Nimechchini is ready to save money on gas from the stars due to the short supply of supplies from Russia. Robert Habek, Vice-Chancellor, Minister of the FRN on the Right of the Economy and Climate Change, said this ahead of time.

So, maybe the gas supply for industrial production for the generation of electricity can be short-lived, and the filling of treasures – now – has been accelerated. The federal government sees billions of finances for the sake of health. In addition, more coal-fired power plants are planned.

It is obvious that Putin's strategy is aimed at instilling in us innocence, bringing us to an increase in prices and splitting us”, – having voted Khabek.

To secure the deposit of funds, the Nimechchini order will soon issue a supplementary credit line for 15 billion euros through the state-owned bank KfW, handed over the dpa to the dzherel’s offices. The grant of the loan was discussed with the Ministry of Finance of the FRN. The Bundestag Committee on the Budget will inform you about the next week's promotion.

In addition, the economy of the economy, as they can speed up the gas supply, deduct compensation, and profit from the market order. Pivnichny potik. At 06:00 am on the 16th day of the week, the annual pumping rate was close to 2.6 million cubic meters (29 million kilowatt-years), from 08:00 to 09:00 the indicator reached 2.7 million cubic meters (30 million kilowatt-years), it blew out of the monitoring system. Under the hour of the re-sale of the additional obligation to improve these data, the upper threshold was 64.8 million cubic meters.

Tsgogo, 14 chernya,Gazprom stating that it would reduce the supply to Nіmechchini more lower by 40%. Mova is small to go less than 100 million cubic meters for production – the deputy of the largest obligation of 167 million cubic meters. As the reason for the Bulo was called the trouble with the repair of the possession, as it was turning its resource, which the German concern Siemens is engaged in.

Later, it was announced that the additional productivity from 16 worms would drop to 67 million cubic meters. Gazprom explained the “problem of operation of another gas turbine engine Siemens” at the compressor station Portova.

How the Forsa Institute tests, the results of which were publicized on Saturday, 18 chernya, by the German TV channels RTL and n-tv, 72% of the German TV channels are now trying to protect gas and electricity, as well as a car bed.

Another 11% of respondents said they could start saving energy in the next hour. At the same time, 15% of the respondents said that they do not plan to do any work.