Neighbors in Madrid: “Atletico” took points from Barcelona in favour of real Madrid

Messi broke through, but it has not helped the Catalans to win

In the Central match 33-th round of the championship of Spain “Barcelona” and “Atletico” did not reveal the winner, the match ended with a draw 2:2. The teams got off to a real Thriller with three penalties, and drama for Diego Costa. The atmosphere of the supermatch only ruined the empty stands of the camp Nou.


Already on the 11-minute of the match Diego Costa in the best traditions of Ibrahim Kargbo deflected the ball into his own net after a corner. However, the Belgian did it with his head, but the Spaniard managed to smuggle the ball into the net manhood.

A chance to rehabilitate Costa received on 19 minutes, when his team earned the right to penalty. The striker has come to the point, but beat the goalkeeper “Barcelona” Marc-Andre Ter Stegen failed. However, referee Alejandro Hernandez was re-appointed 11-metre, as the German goalkeeper went over the line before impact. This time the point came Saul and the strike proved effective.

Соседская помощь по-мадридски: "Атлетико" отобрал очки у "Барселоны" в пользу "Реала"

Diego Costa. Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea

Early in the second half we earned Barcelona a penalty, which volunteered to break Lionel Messi. After a dry three-match series, the Argentinian clipped his long hair, and new haircut brought him luck – Lionel shot a La Milevsky at the 2006 world Cup, struck at the centre of the goal.

Соседская помощь по-мадридски: "Атлетико" отобрал очки у "Барселоны" в пользу "Реала"

Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea

Соседская помощь по-мадридски: "Атлетико" отобрал очки у "Барселоны" в пользу "Реала"

Lionel Messi. Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea

But the intrigue of the match is not over. In the 62nd minute of the match the referee again pointed to the 11-meter mark. This time to break from trusted Sulu. Unlike the first attempt Ter Stegen guessed the angle and even touched the ball, but to save the gate failed.

Соседская помощь по-мадридски: "Атлетико" отобрал очки у "Барселоны" в пользу "Реала"

Diego Costa. Photo: REUTERS/Albert Gea

Barcelona loses points for the third time in the last five matches and significantly reduces their chances to fight for the gold medal. At the moment, real Madrid is ahead of Barcelona by one point and has the game in stock.

Barcelona – Atletico Madrid – 2:2
Goals: Diego Costa (11, Ah), Messi (50, pen) – soul (19, pen, 62 pen)

Barcelona: Ter Stegen, the Semed, Pique, Langlais, Alba, rakitić (Sergi Roberto, 63), Busquets (Fathi, 85), Puig Vidal (Griezmann, 90), Suarez, Messi.

Atlético: Cloud, Felipe Jimenez, Arias, Lodi, Soul, Ferreira Carrasco (Lemar, 85), Llorente (João Felix, 69), Thomas Correa (Vitolo, 84), Diego Costa (Morata, 76).

Warning: Ter Stegen (17), Peak (18), Saul (35), Felipe (51), Messi (61), Diego Costa (75), Ferreira Carrasco (80), Lemar (90).

Watch how Barcelona played in the Champions League to quarantine:

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