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Negotiations with Quebec ;bec: the impasse is total, denounces the FAE | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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According to Mélanie Hubert, the Legault government alternates between signs of openness and new offers with setbacks for teachers. (Archive photo)

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The president of the Autonomous Education Federation (FAE), Mélanie Hubert, does not have many tender words for the CAQ government nor for Prime Minister François Legault. At a press conference on Thursday morning, she accused the latter of blowing hot and cold in the matter of current collective negotiations. At the same time, she denounces the “yo-yo” strategy of the management side.

In the opinion of Ms. Hubert, the impasse is total between the FAE and Quebec, and it is unrealistic to think, as the Prime Minister did earlier this week, that students will be able to return in class starting next Monday.

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