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Negotiations: Legault evokes a return to school from Monday | Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

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The FAE has been on strike for almost three weeks. (Archive photo)

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François Legault is more optimistic regarding negotiations with unions from the education sector than with those from health, with whom talks are, he says, more “difficult”.

With teachers, things are going well, very well, declared the Prime Minister upon arriving at the National Assembly this morning – to the point where a return to class next week would be possible, according to him. I am hopeful that all the children will return to school this coming Monday, he said.

Negotiations, however, are going much less smoothly with the health sector unions, according to him.

With them, it's very, very difficult, confided the Prime Minister as he disembarked from his limousine. The union leaders, he regretted, showed almost no openness, so much so that it would be surprising if the two parties reached an agreement by the day of l'An.

In that regard, I think that things will go better in January, estimated Mr. Legault, before saying #x27;rush into parliament.

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

Consult the complete file

Strikes in the public sector in Quebec

Consult the complete file


Québec is currently negotiating with around ten union units, including the FAE, on an indefinite general strike since November 23, the Common Front (FTQ, CSN, CSQ, APTS) and the SPGQ. All of these organizations are in “walkout” mode today.

More details will follow.

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