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lj R9 Neglected black beast - The Times Hub

Neglected black beast

Neglected black beast

Superman may be all-powerful, but when he touches kryptonite, his powers disappear. Even though Tom Brady has been wearing his superhero cape for 20 years, he has a few times hit a wall against the Machiavellian ploys of Steve Spagnuolo, the coach who now leads the Chiefs’ effective but still underrated defense.

It’s hard to talk about Brady and Spagnuolo without thinking back to Super Bowl 42. The quarterback then had a phenomenal season at the helm of the formidable attack of the Patriots, who had ended the season with an immaculate 16-0 record.

In front of them for the final game, the Giants had qualified in the playoffs, narrowly. Neglected by 14 points, they had concocted a defensive game plan bordering on perfection to snatch a 17-14 victory, against all odds. The author of this diabolical plan, Spagnuolo, had managed to limit Brady to a single touchdown pass.

“It’s one of the worst memories of my career,” the veteran Buccaneers quarterback reluctantly recalled Monday.

A trend

If this was the story of a single game, it wouldn’t be a big deal. In his career, however, when he faced a defense led by what is known as “Spags,” Brady shows a modest record of two wins and three losses, with four interceptions. In five games against Brady, Spagnuolo’s defenses have generated 13 quarterback sacks.

It’s not catastrophic, but it’s still rare for a defensive system to cause Brady so much trouble.

“Sport has changed a lot since that famous match, but the quarterback opposite is still playing at the same level,” said Spagnuolo, aware of the challenge that awaits his defense.

“Brady is a tick ahead of anything you can try to do because he’s seen it all in his career. It will be necessary to be solid in the tertiary sector, without ever revealing our hand, ”he added about his unit, which can confuse the opponent with versatile defensive backs and used in several sauces.

Neglected and proud

When we talk about the Chiefs, it’s the attack that obviously comes first, with the prowess of Patrick Mahomes and his gang. Yet since last season, the Chiefs’ defense has had a say in the team’s success.

In the last four playoff games, no opponent has scored more than 24 points against the Chiefs.

Neglected black beast

AFP Photo

Frank Clark shone at the right time in the conference final for the Chiefs against the Bills with two quarterback sacks.

This season, the Chiefs have used the blitz on 39 percent of their games, the fourth highest percentage in the NFL. Against the Bills, they regularly used six defensive backs. Marauder Tyrann Mathieu is an important piece of the board, he who can attack the quarterback or shine in pass cover at any time.

“In the playoffs, it often comes down to who has the best defense in the field. For us, it’s about winning our battles on the third downs and preventing the opposing teams from scoring more than 17 to 20 points, ”he summed up.

Precisely, the Chiefs excel in this area, even if no one speaks about their defense well. Since Spagnuolo’s arrival in 2019, they are seventh in the NFL in terms of points awarded.

Neglected black beast

AFP Photo

Frank Clark shone at the right time in the conference final for the Chiefs against the Bills with two quarterback sacks.

“I’m not too numbers-oriented,” said defensive end Frank Clark, who always looks his best when the stakes get high.

“When you’re a champion, you have the desire to win, to accomplish great things, and to ignite the fire when it counts. “

Facing the Buccaneers on Sunday at Super Bowl 55, there wouldn’t be a better time.

Spagnuolo vs. Brady

Whether he’s been at the helm of the Giants ‘or the Chiefs’ defense, coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has had his share of success against Tom Brady.

WEEK 17, IN 2007

  • Patriots 38 Giants 35
  • Brady 32 for 42, 356 yards, 2 touchdowns, 0 interceptions
  • Super Bowl 42
  • Patriots 14 Giants 17
  • Brady 29 for 48, 266 yards, 1 touchdown, 0 interceptions

WEEK 10, IN 2015

  • Patriots 27 Giants 26
  • Brady 26 for 42, 334 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception

WEEK 14, IN 2019

  • Patriots 16 Chiefs 23
  • Brady 19 for 36, 169 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception

WEEK 12, IN 2020

  • Buccaneers 24 Chiefs 27
  • Brady 27 for 41, 345 yards, 3 touchdowns, 2 interceptions

Pierre-Paul, the ghost

Neglected black beast

AFP Photo

Jason Pierre-Paul shines in the current playoffs for the Bucs with two quarterback sacks.

Five years ago, when Jason Pierre-Paul mutilated his right hand in an incident involving fireworks at home, which left him with an amputated index finger, many were not giving too much trouble. his career. Same thing in the spring of 2019 when he suffered a broken neck in a car accident.

Yet the outside linebacker finds himself in his second Super Bowl in his career after his first appearance in 2011 with the Giants. The descendant of Haitian parents is today one of the pillars of the Buccaneers’ defense in his native state.

With 30.5 quarterback sacks in the regular season since joining the team in 2018, Pierre-Paul forms a dynamic duo with Shaquil Barrett, who could get Patrick Mahomes in trouble on Sunday night.

“I surprised everyone. With everything I’ve been through, I exceed expectations and make sure people know that no matter what the obstacles, you can do whatever you want, ”the 32-year-old veteran mentioned during his media availability, through video conferencing.

Inspired by his father

It must be said that Pierre-Paul does not draw his personal inspiration from the latest comer. During this discussion with reporters, he mentioned that his father Jean, who became blind at the age of 30, is his model of resilience.

“He did everything he could and never gave up in life. He’s always been happy, in a good mood and laughs, ”said the author of 89 sacks, 20 forced fumbles and four career interceptions.

Second opportunity

Jason Pierre-Paul will have taken 10 years to return to the Super Bowl. At the time of his first appearance in 2011, he was a naive 22-year-old youngster in his second season.

Pierre-Paul and his family had tormented a quarterback named Tom Brady to cause the surprise and win. A sign that life is cyclical, he finds himself today in the camp of the same Brady.

“I repeat to my young teammates that the Super Bowl is not yours every year. Even tomorrow is no guarantee. Today, I cherish this moment. I have children who are old enough to take pictures, including a son who understands what I do very well. He knows his daddy is playing the Super Bowl. “

This is an additional motivation to continue to give everything.

Position Coach

Respect for LDT

Since Laurent Duvernay-Tardif entered the NFL, Andy Heck has been his positional coach on the offensive line. The Quebecer has given up on the season to contribute to the effort against the pandemic, but his direct boss will not be twisted an arm to see him again. “The level of respect for Larry in this locker room is amazing and it is deserved. We all supported his decision not to play for an important cause. He manages his affairs on and off the field as we would all like our son to do! When he’s here it’s 100% football, and he’s a fierce competitor. He is a true professional, easy to manage. I was able to speak to him on a few occasions during the season and there is nothing that will make me more happy than to see him again with us ”, he indicated to Newspaper.

Future coaching position

Bieniemy patient

It has been a few seasons now that Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has been seen as a prime candidate to become a head coach. However, each year, it is ignored by the different teams that have a vacancy. Currently, there are only four black head coaches among the 32 elected in the NFL and Bieniemy has unwittingly become the symbol of the perpetual fight against social inequalities. Andy Reid’s right-hand man reacted to this yesterday. “I never asked to be the headliner of this situation. All you want is to be recognized for what you have accomplished and for some reason that is not what has happened. I can’t wallow in pity, I still have a responsibility towards the Chiefs. I have to help my team reach their goal, ”he commented.

Former Steelers

Reunion at the top

From 2013 to 2017, running back Le’Veon Bell and wide receiver Antonio Brown wreaked havoc with the Pittsburgh Steelers. In each of these seasons, the team was approached among the favorites to win everything. Bell chose, in 2018, to skip the season. After contract negotiations failed, he was traded to the Jets before ending up this season with the Chiefs. For his part, Brown lived through a twisted few years before being months away from football and ending up with the Bucs this fall. Here are the two former accomplices in camps opposed to the Super Bowl. “It’s crazy to think that after all these years together, we’ve never reached this point,” Bell commented.

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