Negative Colombian role in the Champions Trophy: Villa, Fabra and Carbonero were expelled

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The match that defined Racing as champion left much more than a result. In the field, referee Facundo Tello ended up expelling 11 soccer players

Negative Colombian protagonism in the Trophy of Champions: Villa, Fabra and Carbonero were expelled

Colombians were the ones who saw the most red cards in the Champions Trophy. Image: Telam.

The sports news of the Club Atlético Boca Juniorsbegan to take better shape, with the achievement of the title of the Argentine Professional League on the last date of competition, the club finally managed to close its losing streak in the highest local tournament, however, with the defeat they suffered against Patronato in the cup semifinals, reflected that they still have some things to improve.

It was precisely these aspects to improve that those led by Hugo Ibarra, to face Racing in what would be the last competition of the year in which one more title was at stake. It was the Xeneizes before the Academy who disputed the Champions Trophy, the same one that usually faces the champion of the Argentine League and Cup, but as Boca it was in both, Racing had the chance to be runner-up.

Before the initial whistle was given, the air was already 'heated' between both teams. It should be remembered that the league title won by Boca on the last date was taken from Racing and from that point on there were several comments that made this meeting “spicy”. To finish worsening the situation, the Blue and Gold entered the field of play raising the trophies won this year, showing the rival who was the true champion.

With the ball rolling and the physical contact constantly increasing, the story was bound for a bitter and rather dirty ending. As far as goals are concerned, it was Norberto Briasco and Matías Rojas who put the 1-1 on the scoreboard and increased the tension in the match, which ended with nothing more and nothing less than with 11 expelled.

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The first to be expelled, curiously enough, were the compatriots, Sebastián Villa and Johan Carbonero, who in a clash could not think with a cool head and attacked each other. The central referee Facundo Tello had no choice but to show them the red card and send them to the showers, in order to keep the match under control.

However, everything ended up becoming a living hell for the referee at minute 118 of extra time, in this Carlos Jonas Alcaraz sent the ball to save in favor of Racing and in the middle of his celebration the famous 'tangana' was formed, this for having celebrated in front of the Xeneize fans.

Aggressively, Luis Advíncula, Zambrano and Diego González went to recriminate the player, the fight broke out and Tello without any fear he began to show the red left and right, seeing the Colombian Frank Fabra, who until a couple of days ago had announced his renewal with Boca, also expelled.

In short, the Colombians fulfilled their mission of having a leading role in the hard-fought final, although not in the way they wanted and in this way they completely finished their game in the remainder of 2022, since the competitions will stop for the Qatar World Cup 2022 and will resume until the beginning of 2023.

So far, the Argentine Professional League has not yet ruled on the situation and its possible disciplinary acts for the players involved.