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Necessary road developments near the Bécancour industrial park | The battery sector

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Major improvements must be made quickly in the Highway 30 sector in Bécancour. (Archive photo)

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The battery industry projects in Bécancour are starting to have significant impacts on traffic flow, to the point where immediate intervention is required to improve road access to the industrial park. The service road south of Highway 30 will need to be extended and a ramp providing access built.

Quickly, three interventions will be necessary. First, the service road along the 30 on the south side in front of Nemaska ​​Lithium and GM Posco will be extended to Bécancour Boulevard to the west. An exit ramp to the east will connect the highway to this service road. These combined measures will have the effect of relieving the 30 a little.

In addition, the intersection between Highway 30 and Bécancour Boulevard will be redeveloped. We do not know the exact cost of these interventions, but we know that part of the work will be the responsibility of the Bécancour Industrial and Port Park Company, the other, that of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility of Quebec .

We came to the conclusion, obviously, that he had to intervene, so for us the status quo was not a possible solution.

A quote from Marie-Ève ​​Turner, director of the MTQ in Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec

The battery sector

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The battery sector

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Without these improvements, authorities feared slowdowns and congestion stretching 10 kilometers eastward and in the evening, 7 kilometers westward for rush hours in the morning, from next year. The daily traffic flow in the intervention zone was 9,700 vehicles in 2021. It rose to 11,300 in 2022.

Obviously, the initial need is for the park companies so and then we know that the traffic flow is more intense during construction than during construction. ;exploitation.

A quote from Donald Olivier, President and CEO of the Bécancour Industrial and Port Park Corporation

The report by Louis Cloutier

It had been proposed, and it would have been simpler, that the service road flow onto rue Désilets, but as This road is located very close to a residential area, the City of Bécancour opposed it.

We really don't want heavy traffic to pass through a residential neighborhood, so that, for us, was non-negotiable, explains the mayor of Bécancour, Lucie Allard.

The extension of the service road will be undertaken this winter. We hope that all of the modifications will be completed by next summer.

Let us also mention that a study will be carried out to assess the needs for longer-term improvements to Highway 30. A possible doubling of the lanes is not excluded.

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