Nearly 400 Haitians were detained near the Bahamas trying to reach South Florida

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This is one of the most numerous episodes of human trafficking in the region

Almost 400 Haitians were detained near the Bahamas trying to reach South Florida


Soledad CedroFrom Miami, Florida, United States

Almost 400 Haitians were detained near the Bahamas trying to reach south Florida< /p>The Coast Guard intercepted the vessel near the Bahamas and immediately deported the hundreds of migrants (REUTERS)

The United States Coast Guardhas stopped a huge boat with very few amenities in which they were transporting 396 Haitian citizens very close to the Bahamas. According to reports, many of the detainees confessed that the objective was to reach the Florida peninsula. Bahamian authorities confirmed that according to their records, it is one of the vessels with the highest number of migrants who have been intercepted in the area.

The arrest took place in Cay de Sal, belonging to the Bahamas and which is in a practically direct line between Cuba and Florida. As usually happens in this type of detention before they arrive in the United States, all the migrants -regardless of individual cases- were processed on Inagua Island, in the Bahamas, and received immediate deportation to their country of origin.

Although the Coast Guard has not given more specific details about this case, it is known that if they find those who were profiting from the transfer of these migrants, they will be prosecuted for human trafficking. It is a serious crime in the United States, which in this case is even worse because of the huge number of people they were transporting.

Nearly 400 Haitians detained near from the Bahamas trying to get to South Florida

Stock image. In general, Haitian migrants who try to arrive by sea do so in very precarious boats (REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez)

As is the case with Cubans who are escaping en masse from the oppression of the communist dictatorial regime on the island , Haitians have also been increasing the number of migrants attempting to reach the United States irregularly.

Increasing violence by the gangsthat the streets of Haiti have been taken over makes hundreds of people risk their lives by throwing themselves into the sea in precarious boats trying to find a better future in the United States. The political instability in Haiti doesn't help either, the country currently has no democratically elected institutions.

Nearly 400 Haitians were detained near the Bahamas trying to reach South Florida

Gang violence in Haiti is driving thousands to try to leave the country by any means

The Bahamas has become a transit country for these migrants, who often stop there before heading to the United States. Unfortunately, there are dozens of cases of people who manage to complete their journey and die at sea.

Also, as is the case with Cubans, most Haitians trying to reach to the United States it does so by land, presenting itself at the southern border with Mexico. But since the Biden administration announced that it will limit the entry of Cuban, Haitian, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan migrants across the border to a maximum of 30,000 per month, there has been an increase in the number of people trying to reach by sea.

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