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Near Mexican Tula, a seven-kilometer crack appeared in the ground (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul4,2024

A seven-kilometer crack in the ground appeared in Tula, Mexico (video)

Photo: Crack in the ground/PrtSc-video

Near the town of Tula de Allende in the Mexican state, a large crack appeared in the ground. As the portal The Watchers reports, it appeared after the storm that brought Alberto. z 19 to 21 chernia. At the moment, the depth of the crack reaches 7 km, and the depth is 4 meters.

According to the data of the Mexican serpents, a break was discovered by local residents who, the night before, felt a boom under the hour of the devil's evil. Residents of the neighboring state of El Carmen also reported cracks from the foundation to the stele in the middle of the building.

The road that connects the surrounding settlements with the state capital was also damaged. The Tuli government asked for support from state and federal authorities. The Idalgo government has already launched an investigation to determine the causes of the crack.

Public Works Secretary Pedro Cepeda Anaya said that such cracks appear once in a while after serious droughts. According to geologists, he predicted that if the rains continue, the crack could continue to grow.

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Natasha Kumar

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