NCIS season 18: an NCIS New Orleans agent to replace Sloane (Maria Bello)?

NCIS season 18: an NCIS New Orleans agent to replace Sloane (Maria Bello)?

NCIS season 18: an NCIS New Orleans agent to replace Sloane (Maria Bello)?

NCIS season 18: an actress from NCIS New Orleans to replace Sloane (Maria Bello)? Maria Bello will take advantage of season 18 of NCIS to say goodbye to her character of Jacqueline Sloane. The question that we can now ask ourselves is the following: who will have the heavy burden of succeeding him on the screen? It is on the side of NCIS New Orleans that the creators may finally turn to find the answer. Warning for spoilers.

Sloane leaves

NCIS season 18, which recently started filming in the US, will be marked by another farewell. The information has been confirmed this summer, Maria Bello – present in the cast of the series since season 15, will take advantage of the next episodes to stage the departure of Jacqueline Sloane, her character.

To date, no real details are yet known on the ending that will be reserved for this very special agent – Frank Cardea (the co-showrunner of the series) has nevertheless promised that she will “live up to the heroine. “and that” the fans' question as to what's really going on between her and Gibbs “will be answered, but we may already know the name of her replacement.

His replacement already known?

On Instagram, actress Victoria Gabrielle Platt announced her arrival to the cast for season 18 by sharing a page of the script and declaring in the caption, ” Very grateful to work on NCIS and to find such a creative communion. #Jevismameilleurlife. “. Does his name mean anything to you? It's normal.

If the actress is mainly known for her roles in The Gates , Star-Crossed or Days of Our Lives , she is far from being a novice in NCIS-verse. On the contrary, she's already appeared twice in NCIS New Orleans , either in episode 24 of season 4 or episode 4 of season 5, with her character of Agent Michelle Silvera .

What to understand that she will therefore find this same heroine in order to possibly integrate the Gibbs team in the long term (she is only expected in the first episode at the moment)? Yes but no. In 2018, Victoria Gabrielle Platt also starred in NCIS Los Angeles (Season 10 Episode 16) BUT in an entirely different role. In other words, the producers of this franchise don't seem to be keen on consistency, so it's not foolish to expect to see her play a third person …

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