NCIS season 18: a jump in time to avoid the Covid, a mystery about Gibbs soon unveiled

NCIS season 18: a jump in time to avoid the Covid, a mystery about Gibbs soon unveiled

NCIS season 18: time jump put in place to avoid the Covid, a mystery about Gibbs soon to be revealed No, the NCIS agents will not wear masks at the start of season 18. For what reason? The writers will be implementing a time jump to step back in time to shed light on a mystery surrounding Gibbs. Warning for spoilers.

As we know, many series will take advantage of their next unseen episodes to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic on the screen. This will be the case in particular for medical fictions like Grey's Anatomy or Good Doctor , but also for comedies like South Park . What about NCIS? The creators have obviously chosen to give themselves some air and dodge, for a while, the subject of this health crisis.

Time jump set up in NCIS

Last year we had an episode called 'Musical Chars' in which Gibbs would disappear from the team to go on a mission and return at the end of the episode with a black eye, ” recalled Steve Binder – co- showrunner of the detective series, during an interview with TVLine. However, it will be remembered that the mystery surrounding this mission was never addressed during the rest of season 17.

Also, the creators of NCIS have decided to take advantage of the current context to take an interest in this affair by going back in the past, ” We will begin season 18 by returning to this mission, we will go back in time “. According to initial information, future episodes should therefore be divided into two parts: one centered on the mystery surrounding Gibbs and another which will see the team solve unpublished investigations during this same period.

In this way, ” we will find ourselves in a pre-Covid world for a while ” assured Steve Binder, who is counting on a plot stretching from November to December. Then, probably around February, NCIS will have no choice but to face the reality, ” We will then enter this current world with the Covid .” But who knows? Maybe a vaccine will have been found by then …

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