NBA organizes 15 games this Monday and stops on Tuesday for the elections

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  • NBA organizes 15 games this Monday and stops on Tuesday for the elections

    Photo: Derek White/AFP

The thirty franchises of the NBA will be at stake this Monday (early Tuesday morning in Europe) in a fifteen-game program, while on Tuesday there will be 15 games. A no-strings-attached day was held to encourage fans to vote in the midterm elections.

The NBA prepared a day of commitments. There will be a special program, with messages from the players themselves, to encourage fans to vote this Tuesday in an election that will determine the composition of Congress and the last two years of President Joe Biden's term.< /p>

This is an unusual move for the NBA, which typically has few interruptions to its schedule, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

However, the league worked hard. I will be committed this year to highlight the importance of voting in the next elections.

Thus, this Monday the NBA will have a vote. a complete program, with its 30 franchises at stake and outstanding duels such as the Philadelphia 76ers-Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies-Celtics, Dallas Mavericks-Brooklyn Nets or the Los Ángeles Clippers-Cleveland Cavaliers.

“We don't normally change our calendar for external events. But voting and Election Day are obviously something unique and incredibly important to our democracy,” he said. James Cadogan, NBA executive, commenting on the initiative made official last summer

The United States will vote for the NBA. This Tuesday for the renewal of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, where the deputies serve a two-year term, and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate, where the position is for six years. os.

At stake are also the governors of 36 states and a multitude of state and local positions, such as the State Secretariats, important for their role in supervising the elections.

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