Navalny was sentenced to 19 years in a “special regime” colony

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Navalny was sentenced to 19 years in a

Photo: Oleksiy Navalny

Moscow city court sentenced politician Oleksiy Navalny to 19 years in prison in the case of “extremism” at an external hearing. This was reported by "Mediazona". 

​The case was considered behind closed doors, and the meeting was held in correctional colony No. 6 in the Volodymyr region, where the Russian opposition leader is serving a nine-year term.


Alexei Navalny was found guilty on six counts:

  • on creating an extremist community,
  • calling for extremism,
  • creation of an NGO that encroaches on citizens' rights,
  • financing of extremism,
  • involvement of minors in committing dangerous acts
  • rehabilitation of Nazism.

Navalny was sentenced to 19 years in a

According to the court verdict, Navalny will serve his sentence in a “special regime” colony. These are correctional institutions with the strictest conditions of detention in the Russian Federation. According to Russian legislation, especially dangerous recidivists and those sentenced to life imprisonment are serving their sentences there.

How to sit  Bulk:

  • In a single cell or a cell for 2-4 people with constant light and additional bars on the windows and doors. It is not possible to negotiate with fellow inmates.
  • Without the right to correspond and visit during the first 10 years of the term.
  • Prisoners move through the territory of the colony in a bent position with handcuffs behind their backs under an escort of several bodyguards.
  • In conditions of limited walks in the closed courtyard.

BAGNET reminds, Oleksiy Navalny has been behind bars since the beginning of 2021. In March 2022, he was sentenced to nine years in prison in the case of fraud and contempt of court.

According to the version of the investigative committee, he and his associates spent on themselves the fees of the Struggle Fund headed by him with corruption (FBK).

Prepared by: Serhii Daga