NATO troops conduct exercises near Kaliningrad region to “confront the threat of Russia”

NATO troops conduct exercises near Kaliningrad region. Combat units of the armies of the United States and great Britain work out tactical problems to “confront the threat of Russia” the program “Extended forward presence.”

Войска НАТО проводят учения вблизи Калининградской области для «противостояния угрозе России»

Maneuvers observed in Suvalki corridor, the region in the management of the Alliance considers the weakest point. We are talking about a small area of the Polish-Lithuanian border, considered to be the isthmus between the Kaliningrad region and Belarus. NATO believe that Russia in case of aggression can strike in this place that will separate the Baltic States from the continent. The presence of the corridor of particular concern in Estonia and Poland.

The exercises conducted in the region in the Alliance to justify “Russia’s aggression”, this term is used in NATO in 2014 after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. Maneuvers provide the ability to support NATO units in the specified direction, according to the Internet portal

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