NATO ships sailed to Chorna More for Navchan

NATO ships sailed to Chorna More for Navchan

Near the Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea, there will be a large military training & # 8220; Breeze & # 8221;, in which 24 combat and auxiliary ships and boats, five planes, chotiri gvintocryli and 1 thousand 390 military services will take part.

Reminding Bulgarian sights

NATO ships have gone in Chorne the sea for navchanny

To take part in navchanny:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Albania;
  • Belgium;
  • Greece;
  • Italy;< /li>
  • Latvia;
  • Poland;
  • Romania;
  • USA;
  • Turkey;
  • France.

The first large-scale development in the Black Sea from the cob of war in Ukraine. At the link with the conflict near the peninsular part of the Black Sea and the real problem of the free deployment of anti-ship mines near the areas of the village, it is necessary to enter for the safety of the participants. Viysk ships of Bulgaria and Romania have been working with such minds for 5 months already, have accumulated good fortune and are ready to go to a deadly risk.