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NATO countries are beginning to revolt due to the war in Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

NATO regions are beginning to revolt due to the war in Ukraine

Regions NATO is actively increasing the production capacity of its defense industry and “industry is trying to renew the work of its production lines, as there were many risks to that.”

As the US representative to NATO Julian said in the fourth quarter Smith, according to powered by The Washington Post, to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine and strengthen the similar flanks of the Atlantic Alliance, write Ukrinform.

Vaughn noted that defense production in Europe has grown by about 40%, and the United States has also “made significant progress.” Before the full-scale Russian war, the United States was violating for about 14 thousand. 155 mm caliber ammunition, and now the production capacity has increased to 80 thousand. for a month.

"We are working shoulder-to-shoulder with partners in the defense industry to help Ukraine eliminate the forces it needs", – Smith said.

Vaughn confirmed that NATO headquarters will be located in Nimechchyna for the management of military assistance to Ukraine.

“This initiative will enable NATO to coordinate how all assistance will be sent to Ukraine, so and training, like many NATO member countries carry on throughout the remaining months and years,” – she explained.

Informed by the respected journalist that NATO is rejecting the will to work, “everything is necessary so that Russia does not prevail,” Smith said that on the very night when the invasion began on February 24, 2022 roku, bula in communication with the countries to the Alliance.

“They started talking about those that they need to create individually as powers in order to support Ukraine with humanitarian, economical, military and security assistance,” " said Vaughn, adding that “NATO has gone to the end and has gone to the bottom of the barrel.” from strengthening similar flanks.

NATO allies have united and will continue to support Ukraine, Smith said.

"Here at NATO headquarters, I don’t want anything other than further unity, and I think you will see the same thing at the meeting, if Zelensky is there, – That we are determined to help Ukraine seize its territory.”

At which point she added that “NATO is not a party to this conflict.” And don’t take any part, don’t keep your troops in Ukraine. “We all respect that we have the right to help Ukraine protect its territory, – Smith said, – And these are the ones that we can continue to work with.”

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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