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NATO announced a large purchase of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles for three countries

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

NATO announced a large purchase of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles for three countries

The NATO procurement agency announced a large purchase of FIM-92K Stinger MANPADS for several member countries of the Alliance.

How writes “Europeyska Pravda”, it was announced in the press service.

The procurement agency NSPA on behalf of Germany, Italy and the Netherlands announced a contract for the purchase from the RTX 940 MANPADS Stinger manufacturer, which also includes technical support and certain logistics costs .

“This multi-national, multi-year contract will allow the three nations significant savings compared to the cost of independent procurement, and supports the Alliance's Defense Industry Action Plan (DPAP), which sets out specific steps and projects to The alliance has strengthened engagement with the defense industry. As part of this plan, NSPA plays a key role in bringing together the needs of individual countries into multi-year and multinational “framework” procurement plans,” – as noted in the communique.

As is known, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles became one of the first examples of Western weapons that Ukraine received and played an extremely important role in the first stages of a full-scale war. In addition, they became the first lethal weapon that Ukraine received from Germany.

Stingers were also received in subsequent aid packages from various partners, including the latest aid package from the USA.

Natasha Kumar

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