National government convenes a crisis room to monitor the winter wave in the country

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Currently, 24 of Colombia's 32 departments are in public calamity and more than 600 municipalities are on alert for heavy rains that, according to Ideam , will continue during the third week of November

National government convenes a crisis room to monitor the winter wave in the country

As a result of the serious climatic situation presented in the country, a state of national disaster was declared in Colombia on November 1. REUTERS/Vladimir Encina Duque NO RESALE NO FILES

On the afternoon of this Monday, November 14, President Gustavo Petro convened a meeting of his cabinet to analyze the serious situation that occurs in a large part of the country as a result of the winter wave due to the passage of the La Niña phenomenon. As a first measure, the president had declared a state of natural disaster due to the torrential rains, especially in the Andean, Pacific, and Amazon regions.

At the end of that meeting, the Minister of the Interior < b>Alfonso Prada announced three measures: the first is that, starting this Monday, a Crisis Room will be convened “which will meet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the National Unit for Risk Management and with inter-ministerial support”.

The second measure is the installation, starting next Wednesday, of a Unified Command Post by President Petro. Likewise, Minister Prada convened the board of directors of the Risk Attention Fund for tomorrow, November 15, to approve “the budget allocations” that had already been assigned by the Ministry of Finance and the Presidency of the Republic.

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