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National Defense commits to better helping men who report sexual abuse

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The number of male soldiers who report sexual misconduct is on the rise. (Archive photo)


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The Department of National Defense (DND) says it is taking steps to improve training for Sexual Misconduct Support and Resource Center (SMIC) staff, recognizing that men who report being Victims of abuse did not always feel “safe and supported.”

The federal government issued an advisory in late December announcing its intention to sole-source a contract to an Ottawa-based company to provide training for CSRIS staff.

The Center needs training on how to best support men affected by sexual misconduct, particularly those who have experienced sexual trauma, says the notice posted online Dec. 20, 2023 . CSRIS serves a large clientele of men and requires specialized training in this area, provided by one or more subject matter experts.

The request for outside help, particularly from peer support counselors and facilitators, comes as the number of reported cases involving male victims in the Canadian Armed Forces continues to rise.

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The Major-General-George-R.-Peekes National Defense Building, in Ottawa (Archive photo)

Men accounted for nearly half of all new cases opened for allegations of sexual misconduct in the military during the latest reporting period official in 2022-23.

The Department of Defense said that during this time, 1,431 new cases were opened over a 12-month period. Of these, 645 people identified as women and 528 as men. The others identified themselves as being of a different sex or the sex was not identified, it is specified.

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