National Army investigates a soldier for sexually abusing a minor in Guaviare

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In the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation there are twelve processes of sexual violence against indigenous girls and adolescents of the Nukak Maku people of Guaviare

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National Army investigates a soldier for sexually abusing a minor in Guaviare

The department of Guaviare has been a focus of complaints of sexual abuse by members of the National Army and (Colprensa – Diego Pineda)

On the night of Thursday, November 17, a possible case of sexual abuse by a National Army soldieragainst a minor in the municipality of El Retorno, in the department of Guaviare, according to the institution itself.

According to what was reported by the National Army, two soldiers , in an alleged act of disobedience and indiscipline, they left their mobile patrol base and entered, without prior authorization, a house in the sector.

According to the first investigations, “ one of the uniformed officers allegedly carried out improper acts against a minor who was in the place”, the Military Forces pointed out.

Regarding this complaint, the command of the Twenty-second Jungle Brigade, belonging to the Fourth Division of the Colombian Army, explained that after learning of the complaint, the a disciplinary inquiry against the uniformed officer allegedly involved.

The department of Guaviare has been the focus of complaints of sexual abuse by members of the National Army against minors, mainly of ethnic indigenous Nukak Maku, who has a presence in this area of ​​the country.

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According to an investigation by Revista Raya, at the National Attorney General's Office There are twelve cases of sexual violence against indigenous girls and adolescents from the Nukak Maku people. In four of those cases The responsibility falls on soldiers from the José Joaquín París del Guaviare battalion.

One ​​of the cases reported to the independent media was the abuse of a minor 15-year-old, who was allegedly kidnapped in a public bathroom in the village of Charras, rural area of ​​Guaviare.

Both the victim and her friends denounced that it was held by the military and locked up in the facilitieswhere the uniformed officers stayed the night, and for four days she was subjected to sexual abuse without any food or drink.

The medical history of the minor, to which the Raya Magazine obtained access , says:

“The young woman, through a translator, states that on August 8, 2019, she was going with a friend through the center of Charras and went to urinate in a bathroom and that when she left the bathroom, two soldiers came and stood looking at them. They approached them and took the 15-year-old by the hand and led her away. The friend got tired of waiting for her and then went to the maloka to let them know that she didn't know where the 15-year-old girl was.”

In the same file, soldier Juan Sebastián Cardona delivered his testimony on October 30, 2019 in which he confirmed that there was violent carnal access against the minor.

“We arrived on a Tuesday and the little girl was already missing, on Wednesday we received the guard, I was a rancher; they received the guard and Fernández took the post, that was the first or second shift, I don't remember exactly, when Ortíz arrived at the lodging after a while, I was already sleeping and went to tell another compañero that there was a Guajíva upstairs ( confusing the ethnicity of the minor nukak) and to come up to be eaten. But the other compañero told him that he was not going to go up, that he did not get into those problems, from there about six left, the six that are there. That same night they took her up there and put her in a bush.”

Another testimony was given by soldier Yilber Arley Rojas Camargo, who admitted to having had sexual relations sexual with the minor. However, he described his action as something normal, describing it as a consensual situation and prostitution.

This is how it was recorded in the investigation of the Revista Raya: “ I approached him and I started touching her whole body and kissing her neck, then I asked her what we were going to do, she told me that she was with her friend, I told her, go with her to the group where you are and you are coming again”, the soldier confessed and then added:

“I asked her her name and she told me and then I asked her how old she was and she told me: I am 15 years old. Then she told me that she charged and I asked her how much and she replied $30,000″.

As reported in the media, this case is still in the investigation stage in the< b> Specialized Directorate against Human Rights Violations of the Prosecutor's Office in Bogotá.

Regarding the case that was presented on the night of Thursday, November 17, the Army Nacional began the disciplinary investigation against the soldier, in order to clarify the events that occurred. Likewise, it was ordered to certify copies before the military criminal justice system.