Natalya Valevska opened the door about separation from a man

Natalya Valevska opened the door about separation from a man

Natalia Valevska spoke about her separation from a man

Valevska reminded me that they are separated from a person. Zirka bula at stosunkah with Volodymyr Prigladdy 20 years.

After following the news about the opening, the artist took the trouble to comment on the situation.

< p>At the new interview, Natalya knew that she herself had taken the decision about the separation. Want one of the partners to help sell the hats.

“Tse is our special solution between two ex-partners. So the surroundings piled up, what happened, and I made a decision, what would be the final. One of the partners, I won’t say who, for a long time already trying to turn a hat. Ale, this is not how the system works”, – Natalya rose up.

Natalia Valevska rose up at the door about separation from a person

For Valevskaya, this podia became even more foldable. Vaughn did not tell the general public about it. For an hour, Zirka worked with a psychologist and she tried to get sick.

“Psychologist in Persh Chergutse. A two-year session, as it helped me to get out of my paralysis, because I could not get up and work. I didn’t see the body, it was paralyzed for me, my heart was torn to shreds. In the middle, I have a lot of d * pa. I didn't budge. It was hard for me. If I voted, an hour later, after that, we made a decision. I’ll need a good hour, abi voice, that there is already a speck in our stosunkah. For a while I practiced over my camp, in order to stabilize it. I got drunk more than once, but I didn’t change my food & # 8221;, & # 8211; Natalia shared.

Prote eksi smarted to save good prices.

“ , like ty, scho і so far, і chi is needed for help. Civilized rose”, – added a star.

Natalia Valevska spoke about separation from a person