Natalka Denisenko zvorushila zustrіchchyu with a man-viysk

Natalka Denisenko zvorushila zustrіchchyu with a man-viysk

Natalka Denisenko made a noise with a viysky man

Ukrainian The actor Natalka Denisenko has already turned to Ukraine from Turechchini, she sang at the same time.

So, the celebrity turned to Kiev with a pull. Already at the railway station on Natalka, I received a surprise.

To the artist at once a synom zustrіv cholovіk, like a nіnі defending the country from the Russian occupiers. Andriy Fedіnchik, having seen three hours, abi take away the squad with the child.

Happy Fedіchnik, who winds up the teeth of his relatives in the military uniform, embracing the kohana with the little synochka.

& #8220;Mi together. Yake tse happiness buti at home! We were gone for only 11 days, and so we wanted to go back. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I want to be here – on the native land”, – the actor shared.

By the way, Natalka Denisenko and the blue man are already at home. More, the celebrity has already caught up with her plans. Zagalom, you want to get out of the way, take care of your own right and spend your free time with your relatives.

“Everyone, get out of the way, spread out, get out, stay at home, hug… And tomorrow there will be &“sim’I'm zhruniv” and unpacking … Life is too short and unprepared, to live it without love and satisfaction & # 8221;, & # 8211; the actor shared.

For good reason, Natalka Denisenko was singing at Antalya at the same time. The stench was ringing at the 5-star hotel, where they had to pay 7,000 hryvnias for booty, for which the bastards paid for it.