Natalka Denisenko went to Turkey at the beginning of the war

Natalka Denisenko went to Turkey at the beginning of the war

Natalka Denisenko went to Turkey in the afternoon

Ukrainian actor Natalka Denisenko is constantly on the verge of shanuvalniks. Vaughn actively communicates with them on the side in the social media instagram. Її account narakhovuє 297 thousand subscribers. And Takozh won’t actively join Tik Tok, and this social network has 51 thousand subscribers in it so far

Natalka Denisenko went to Turkey in the afternoon< /p> Natalka Denisenko, photo Znayu

Not so long ago, Natalka returned to Ukraine after the famous TV series “Krіposna”, got along with a man who came from the front and went to sleepy Turkey.

Yak said Natalka, for help, I’m calmer, lower at home, because there are no more worries. A part of the subscribers to the closed profile of the actor was hospitalized in it, which is not shameful for the hour of war.

“Ni, to that before the war I collected pennies and I can live for an hour. Because my man is at ZSU. Because I spent the entire hour of the war volunteering. For I want my child and I want to live and be healthy, happy”, – Natalka Denisenko commented.

And in the rest of the hour, the star began to recite the verse. How many times did she read Volodymyr Sosyuri's poem “I love the sea” in the image of a hollow mavka. The same mavka is there, about yaku guessing at the top. For this image, Natalka took a hand with old green hair over a green light fabric, and threw it on herself.

Natalka Denisenko went to sleep in Turkey

Natalka Denisenko, screenshot: Instagram Stories