Nastya Kamensky was criticized for adding, in which she showed what she was thinking

Nastya Kamensky was criticized for adding, in which she showed what she was thinking

Nastya Kamenskikh was criticized for the addition, in which way she showed, for what she's worth

Spavachka Nastya Kamenskikh has been out of Ukraine until the beginning of a large-scale war. The artist gradually seems to know what she can for her native land, but she does not hurry to turn around. For tse її they criticized in the measure.

An artist, perebuvayuschie sіm’єyu across the cordon, continue rozpoіdat, like a sum for the pre-war life. NK took the radio moments from the video, like expanded it on instagram, but ran into criticism.

< p>Vikonavitsa made a video for the track Back Home, which was written for her by Potap. It is noteworthy that on the territory of Ukraine, the whole video can be viewed only without sound. From the video, the specter took shots from the pre-war life: a booth near Kiev, de loitering with the cohanim; chatting with girlfriends; ranking breaks; rehearsals; tours; quiet moments at home.

“We are all so confused at the same time. For meaningful lives, for loved ones, for home, for work and for steely moments, if we were so happy. Nadikhnіmo yourself and one of the same videos? Bo tse are not just those for whom we can succeed – tse are those for which we warto fight! & # 8221; – wrote Kamensky pіd video.

Merezhі reaction

However, such a video was not worthy of all shanuvalniks. Subscribers signify what NK is able to do for thousands of kilometers at home, they won’t risk their lives at the front at once. Kamensky, a decade before the full-scale invasion, went to Spain with her relatives and did not turn back. Vaughn doesn’t know what a war is like, didn’t hear the sound of repeated alarms and vibes. All relatives were for you. Sumuyut stink! Do you want to post videos that are not available in our region?” “So good! But I don't believe it. Well, don't trust me! Breshe Nastyuha. Reload”. “Even fun. It’s so good to be amazed. Health resort”. & # 8220; Those who truly care about their country, stay at home and help our protectors. Salva of Ukraine!” “Why do you want to turn around? People live, help, practice. You don't have any children, and did that Oleksiya bring herself to a safe place? And so you know, so you know, bіdnenka”. “Ogidno marvel. Our people are dying, but she smiles. Who needs your help now?”

“I don't get any more”. “Beautiful song. Shiro dyakuyu!” “Sumuєmo”. “One of my favorite songs”. “I can also save money for a peaceful life”. “Leather word right in the heart”.