Nastya Kamensky rose, like a war, shed on її stosunki with Potap, and for yakі pennies live friends

Nastya Kamensky rose, like a war, shed on її stosunki with Potap, and for yakі pennies live friends

Nastya Kamenskikh rose, like a war, she pushed herself into the stosunki with Potap and made friends for a penny

Ukrainian mate Nastya Kamensky may, in the first half of the year after the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation to Ukraine, turned home.

Apparently, ten days before Russia's attack on Ukraine Nastya Kamensky< /strong> all at once from Potap and their mothers drove them to Spain, where the couple is small to write a new Spanish album.

At the ZhVL program, the artist shared that none of them could think that it would be the 24th fierce:

“We went to Madrid and took mothers, to that in me after the death of my father, I often try to take my mother away, it’s more than I can, it’s important. If you take one mother, you can’t help but take a friend, it’s so accepted in our homeland. And the stench went. I don’t know how the All-World ordered so much, why did we stumble in another place & # 8221;, & # 8211; said Nastya.

In the first days of the war, in shock and panic, Nastya guessed, the stench of Potap in the countryside helped the country, what they could:


“Lyosha just evacuated 40 people from the east of Kiev to the west of Ukraine, obviously, as much as we could, there was a line in me, that I got the bachiti, everything was corrected. I have dosi 24, like we have all & # 8221;, & # 8211; said the artist.

They started to give good concerts in other countries little bits of light. In the course of an hour, її the voice was caught almost no less in Europe, and in Latin America. And Nastya also recorded a deck of songs dedicated to war in Ukraine.

With the help of spivs, the vikonavitsa collects coins for Ukraine. Singing, and won, and Potap do not sit behind the cordon on the mission:

“Lyosha go there, I go there. In a new and more favorable project, having begun to get involved in some kind of wine, you can expand even richer, more concerts. Vіn tezh buv near rich lands. Our sіm’I took 75 million hryvnia for the whole hour, and we will continue”, – respected the Kamenskys.

The war brought Nastya and Potap closer. Both of you, how important it is to support one another in such an important period:

“Because you accumulate. Obviously, we have become, one might say, partners, such Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Required to pick up and sho my own sіm & # 8217; added the artist.

As Nastya knew, at her homeland, as with wealthy Ukrainians, she can’t earn at once:

“We don’t earn anything at once. The only thing I'm doing with musicians, if I'm afraid, I'm in them, children, bring more of them. Such a folding food, there is nothing for that. But all those coins, as we accumulated in the pre-war hour, as if they were deposited for clips, for projects, we live on the same cost at a time”, shared a conversation.

In Ukraine, Kamensky caught up with the children in the wild , traveled to Irpen, aby support our volunteers, and then again I broke the cordon to sleep and talk about war:

“Sorry, I guess, because I just want to lie at home. Ale, I will follow my path, then I will get home, I will come, I will kiss and break again. I will be such naїzdami”, – said Kamensky.