Nastya Kamensky fueled rumors about her pregnancy

Nastya Kamensky fueled rumors about her pregnancy

Nastya Kamenskikh fueled rumors about her pregnancy

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskikh lit up noticeably rounded tummy. Fans congratulate Potap's wife on her pregnancy.

Popular singer Nastya Kamenskikh and her famous husband Oleksiy Potapenko continue to perform at charity concerts abroad to support Ukraine. Many fans can't wait for NK to give birth to a child to her husband Potap. Some users even began to suspect that the star is now in position, as its shapes have noticeably rounded.

So, some time ago, Kamenskaya herself fueled rumors about her pregnancy. Potap's wife published on her personal Instagram page new shots, in which she appeared with a noticeably rounded belly. It is likely that Nastya was photographed from an unfavorable angle, but one way or another, her fans hope that it will really be about her pregnancy.

In the comments, Internet users wrote that Nastya is now in her first months of pregnancy. Others write that PTP's wife gained a few extra pounds from the stress of the war.