Nastya Kamensky fell asleep “on the ruins” in Irpen

Nastya Kamensky fell asleep “on the ruins” in Irpen

Nastya Kamenskikh slept “on the ruins” in Irpin

Ukrainian vikonavitsa Nastya Kamenskikh was popular in Іrpin, de appeared in the middle of the ruins, as if they were deprived of the Russian occupants on their own. The video from the trip was published by Zirka on her side in the social media instagram.

Nastya Kamensky rozpovita, which she broke to Іrpenya, in order to support one of the mischievous sacks, activist, budinok, who destroyed the occupants of that almost yogo. >

“ from the vlasnik's house and listen to this story, to talk about the plans for the remembrance of the place with the head of the priest & # 8221;, & # 8211;

As part of the trip, Nastya Kamensky performed for volunteers, as a way to help people inspire people and signify that in some cases she went overboard in the fact that Ukrainians are called a nation, which is important

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“Together we have great power! Great opportunity to change hands even more every day!”, – added by Nastya Kamenskikh.