Nastya Kamensky did not stream any

Nastya Kamensky did not stream any

Nastya Kamenskikh didn't stream anything

the couple after the performance in Tel Aviv shared her thoughts about the music of that people. In a new post on her side on Instagram, Nastya confessed that if she sleeps for her chandeliers, she will change her mind.

“Vchora in Tel Aviv soon changed, that the music, the energy of goodness and the right colors of the building exult the soul, calm and help”, & #8211; rozpovіla Kamenskikh.

Spivachka shared a story about those who took away a suit from a gift Ukrainian brand in yellow-black colors. In the photo, she posted herself at the newcomer. Behind the words of Nastya, whoever has chosen a part of Ukraine will be with her forever, she wouldn’t be there.

Nastya Kamenskikh did not stream sensibly

… Mishche stіlki can grow, stіlki innovate and revitalize. Ale, while the skin of us, like an infection, is able to rob everything and make it impossible for the sake of the bright and peaceful future, as long as I know that everything is viide in us! Yesterday, hello to everyone, who is accountable until this day, I once again thought about it! ”, & # 8211; said Kamenskikh.

Nastya Kamenskikh didn't stream pochuttіv< /p>