Nastya Kamenskikh knew how much money she earns

Nastya Kamenskikh knew how much money she earns

Nastya Kamensky knew how much she earned

Nastya Kamensky told about her current income.

About this, the artist appointed her new minister an appointment.

Behind the words of Potap's squad, she spent a lot of money. If you choose at concerts, go to the good needs of Ukraine.

& #8220;We don't earn anything at once. The only thing I'm doing with musicians, if I need it, they have them, children, bring more of them. Such a foldable food, there is nothing for him,” Nastya Kamenskikh said openly, adding that she lives for pennies, earned up to 24 fierce.

th hour in the hour repaid for the consumption of Ukraine pennies from their old salaries. Previously, the stench of the man was made by cats on future projects and clips.

On the popular supply from the side of the artist’s chokers, as if she leaned into the fire behind the cordon with the man of the prize, I don’t know about a large-scale invasion. Together with Potap, Nastya Kamenskikh took her mother and mother-in-law to Madrid.

&# 8220;They took mothers, because after the death of my father, I often try to take my mother away. Won even sumuє, їй important. If you take one mother, you can’t help but take it, it’s so accepted in our country in sim’ї”, the celebrity knew.

Potap took over UAH 70 million for the good needs of Ukraine.