Nastya Kamenskikh about Potap's hatred: “I'm overwhelmed and confused”

Nastya Kamenskikh about Potap's hatred: “I'm overwhelmed and confused”

Nastya Kamenskikh about Shchodo Potap's hate: “I'm overwhelmed and confused”

Nastya Kamensky, as if recently turned to Ukraine from Spain, shared her feelings after a long separation from Batkivshchyna. About tse spіvachka rose in the interv’th program“everything will be kind. Neumovirna truth about Ukrainians” on YouTube channel.

The first thing the artist said when she came to Ukraine, went to mami.

I saw great happiness that I spent on my native land. First, what did I do, I went to my own place. I already missed her, and out in Ukraine. She kissed the earth, she kissed her donkey, she cried, she cried, she hugged her apple tree, as if she gave birth to that rock. I was overwhelmed with a lot of emotions. For the fact that I got stuck, like a lot of people, like they were at the moment at the vіryadzhennі or on the vіdpochinku, if the war began with us. Chomus has such a narrative: “The one who is there is easier for youmu, the one who is here is more important for youmu.” Tse is not true. To the one who has war with skin Ukrainians. Been in me as a monotonous line, but I can’t unravel. I nibito muffled down. In return for the favorable concerts, I took 75 million hryvnias. Let's continue, because the artists are making a mission, and it's important,

— shared NK

Nastya Kamenskikh also commented on the presence of Potap in Ukraine. For її words, a person may have problems and is healthy’yam and hold good concerts. The artist is already embarrassed by the hate, which is called the producer.


The new one was paralyzed. We are going through the process of adaptation at once, and most Ukrainians are experiencing post-traumatic syndrome and depression, for those who are in good health, they begin to sip, the nervous system is not visible. Lyosha also has a lot of good concerts, and at the same time in the new є kіlka of such projects, yakі vin is simply guilty of completing. I zovsіm-zovsіm will soon arrive at home. Hayt, extremely majestic and less confusing and confusing,

— like Nastya Kamenskikh