NASA uncovers the mystery of “spaghetti” found on Mars

NASA uncovers the mystery of “spaghetti” found on Mars

NASA reveals the mystery of 'spaghetti' found on Mars

Photo: NASA/JPL -Caltech

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) commented on unusual photos taken by the Perseverance rover on the surface of Mars. The Mirror reports that the photo shows an unusual substance resembling spaghetti in its shape.

The images surprised people, provoking new discussions about possible forms of extraterrestrial life.

Scientists, however , dispelled the rumors, announcing that it was — part of the “thermal blanket” required when descent of the rover to the surface of the red planet.

“This particular piece of mesh appears to have undergone significant tangling, suggesting that it has been subjected to strong forces", — NASA experts said, thus explaining the reasons for the unusual shape of a piece of “thermal blanket” rover trigger mechanism.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga