NASA to launch a spacecraft with living organisms on board

NASA to launch a spacecraft with living organisms on board

NASA launch spacecraft with living organisms on board

Photo: ScreenshotSpace Launch System

It will be the best biological experiment in space, which will take place from six to nine months.

NASA Artemis 1 monthly mission, as the launch of the next month, the honor of living organisms yakі dopomozhut vchenim dіznatisya about infusing deep space on the human body. Let's talk about Futurism.

Zokrema, for help with the launch vehicle The Space Launch System (SLS) will be powered by the Orion spacecraft, which will carry mannequins, child toys and a wide variety of other items on board. Also, the rocket launched into space a few of the last satellites. Among them will be the BioSentinel satellite, which will have drizzle on board.

It is significant that BioSentinel will break the circle around the Sun so far that a spacecraft has not yet been found.

The fact that drіzhdzhі virushat at the finder s vіdomih more expensive the cosmos, may be more important for the understanding of how the deep cosmos is poured into living organisms, the first lower humanity itself is more likely to zdіysnyuvat more trivalі more expensive to the stars.

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