NASA scientists discovered the asteroid of new type

NASA scientists were able to detect a unique asteroid that is representative of a new type of celestial bodies. we are Talking about the object 2019 LD2 having “a tail,” reports Science Alert.

Ученые NASA обнаружили астероид нового типа

Although the orbit of a heavenly body resembles an asteroid, the presence of the tail” more typical of comets. However, the unique 2019 LD2 do not rather characteristics, and location. He shares with Jupiter for one orbit, while in the group of asteroids planets in the Solar system. According to scientists, this is the first “Trojan” showing the properties of the comet. The interest of NASA employees causes the answer to the question of what provokes the process of allocating gas celestial body.

Astronomers believe that inside of the Trojan asteroids may contain significant deposits of ice. Thus before the discovery of 2019 LD2 did not sound evidence of this theory. From the telescope ATLAS images allow us to assert that these celestial bodies can indeed be partially composed of ice. It is not excluded that 2019 LD2 failed to pass another stone, which led to the release of the ice reserves. Of ice particles eventually formed cometophobia tail. To better explore the Trojan asteroids, in 2021 in space travel apparatus Lucy. On reaching Jupiter, the latter will take several years, but he will be able to get a clearer photo of the asteroid.

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