NASA device showing a comet from the Sun

NASA device showing a comet from the Sun

NASA spacecraft showing the Sun's comet closing

Photo: pixabay.comAparat NASA showing a comet closed by the Sun

Three images of the sun have made a video of the approach of a comet to the Sun and її zanarennya our star. . About this reminds Futurism.

Experts think it's a comet, yak really like a big ice, it broke out in the atmosphere of the Sun.

The astronomer Toní Phillips stverzhuє, scho celestially was a representative of the Kreutz comet family. Vaughn exploded for hundreds of years.

“Most of these comets are even smaller, their diameter can become less than a few meters, and they can’t fix the SOHO spacecraft for the fall on the Sun, but the comet turned our respect with your great rozmirom”, – adding Phillips.

Let's guess, earlier NASA announced that on Friday, 12 April, a potentially dangerous majestic asteroid will approach the Earth, which will fly in the wind, which will outweigh the speed of sound 27 times.