NASA calls scientists for UFO event

NASA calls scientists for UFO event

NASA Calls Science Center for UFO Event

Photo: NASA UFO Event

< p>The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) voted about those who this autumn will select an independent group of contributors for the UAP event – unidentified phenomena in the sky. A price term that is now being used to identify UFOs. 

Proceed to go to the extension of the 9th black application of the American space agency.

NASA cares what science tools є laborious care of maintenance, and stench є zastosovnymi і in the right direction. We have access to a wide range of services for keeping the Earth out of space, and as a basis for scientific research. We have a team of fahivtsіv tools to help us improve our understanding of the unknown. .

When NASA is slandering that at the same time there is no evidence of one that is not known to be seen for its own sake Nature can make an after-earth adventure.

​The group, like to deal with UFO investigations, is to deceive the American astrophysicist David Spurgel. The very last time is close to the maiden months. For this reason, the house is prepared to explain how to represent the vastness.

According to the supplement of the US National Intelligence Service, the intelligence services still cannot explain the nature of the UFO campaign, as they used to be American military. From 2004 to 2021, only 144 UFOs were recorded in the United States, 80 of them – for an additional number of sensors and accessories.

BAGNET guess that in the middle of the day at Congress The United States responded to the UFO hearing.

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