NASA breaks away from Roscosmos

NASA отрывается от Роскосмоса

Almost a decade the only means of transporting American astronauts into orbit was the Russian manned spacecraft “Soyuz”. After the completion of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, NASA has been regularly signed with Roskosmos contract to send its specialists to the ISS. The price for the place reached $ 90 million. Over the past three years the American space Agency has spent on these purposes about a billion dollars.

This is a significant part of the funding for the Russian space Agency, whose budget this year is 13 times less than NASA. The success of SpaceX is perceived in Russia especially painful — says the former designer of OKB “Dry” Vadim Lukashevich:

“Elon Musk and all that the American space program in its present state, we really “interfere”. If it was not, we would say that we are the birthplace of space exploration and so on, and now it is clear that America is far ahead.”

In April, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia must strengthen its position in the launch services market. The General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin promised that the Federal Agency will operate more efficiently:

“In order to increase its presence in international markets, we are working to reduce more than 30% of the cost of launch services, reducing non-productive costs and increasing the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Our proposed pricing is, in fact, our response to dumping by us companies, which are financed from the budget of the United States.”

In the midst of the run, Crew Dragon, NASA entered into another contract with Roscosmos booking for your astronaut’s space on the “Union” that must be sent to the ISS in the fall. Agency Director James Budenstein emphasize the importance of this cooperation and said that in the future would like to between the two countries was established a kind of barter exchange launches:

“If we think about ISS, about the constant presence on Board both Russian and American astronauts, we need to be ready to launch Russian cosmonauts in commercial programs, and they should be ready to launch American astronauts on Soyuz”.

The NASA report, which was published last autumn indicates that the Agency expects to use private American spaceships to deliver to orbit at least 48 astronauts to 2024

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