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Naruto: Himawari's demon fox form revealed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

After Naruto andNaruto: Shippuden, Masashi Kishimoto extended his role. the adventures of his cult ninja via Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, a new series dedicated to Boruto, his son. As with Naruto, Boruto experienced an eclipse. Several years separate Naruto Next Generations from Two Blue Vortex, with Boruto more powerful than ever. But Naruto's son is not the only one at risk. take the gallon, his daughter too. And for good reason, Himawari brings back to the forefront a Kyûbi supposedly deceased.

Naruto: Naruto's form my Himawari fox revealed

Kyûbi is not dead

For several chapters now, Himawari has returned to the forefront of the scene. born. Boruto is gently pushed. in the background, allowing his sister to take up more space in the plot in the manga. But ifBoruto: Two Blue Vortexdecides to make Himawari shine now, it's mainly to develop her arc around the ten tails. And nothing is more effective in grabbing your readership than bringing back the most popular bijuu of the lot: Kyûbi. 

Naruto: Himawari’s demon fox form revealed

Supposed to dead, Kurama, the Fox eyes tails of Naruto, now seems far from being buried; if foot underground. Although he has disappearedin the Kawaki arc, after the confrontation between Naruto and Isshiki Ôtsutsuki, Kurama seems more than ever ready to take action. return from beyond. As a reminder, it is during this duel that Kurama uses his new transformation, whose destructive power draws on his own vitality. And to save everyone: Kyûbi sacrifices himself. Naruto can therefore no longer use Kurama's chakra, while two clones of the Ten Tails nevertheless feel the chakra inside them. Konoha. 

himawari and Kyûbi 

And surprise, in chapter 8 of BorutoTwo Blue Vortex, when they think they're coming face to face with what's happening. Naruto, it's in front of Himawari that they finish. Face to face threatens him, Himawari and his cronies flee. It’sthen at back of an ink eagle that Himawari ends up transported to inside herself, inside herself, like Naruto in his time, to meet a young Kyûbi. And even if according to Shikadai, “Kyûbi should have been missing for a long time, Kurama is indeed in Himawari. 

Naruto: Himawari’s demon fox form revealed

Via its new chapter,Two Blue Vortex details the return of Kurama, but above all presents the form of Himawari under the effect of Kyûs chakra; bi.His hair takes the shape of the nine tails so cult of the fox demon, remains at the same time. know if his power is as devastating as his father. To find out, you will unfortunately have to be patient.Two Blue Vortexmoves slowly, but surely, with a plot that does not seem to be in a hurry to develop. Still, it's nice to see that Kurama is alive and well. know how this chakra was able to develop in Himawari, while Boruto is devoid of it. Don't hesitate to Share your craziest theories with us through the comment section below.

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