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Naruto: an idea of ​​the arrival date of the 4 new episodes

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

Announcements keep coming around the universe ofNaruto, but fans still don't see anything coming. the horizon. Unfortunately, no new episodes of Naruto have been released. diffused since 2017, which explains why many fans are eagerly awaiting this new series. However, in all likelihood, new episodes of Naruto (and not Boruto) should arrive within a few months, and we explain why.

Naruto: an idea of ​​the arrival date of the 4 new episodes

Naruto soon to return

At the moment, it's dead calm for the Naruto license. If the chapters of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex (the equivalent of Shippuden for Boruto) continue to be published week after week, we cannot say the same other forms of adaptation of the universe. Animé is at; the total shutdown, and the last four episodes of Borutoare still unavailable. And it's not the Playmobil Naruto released last December that will calm the most impatient.

In March 2023,as part of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the anime Naruto, was announced with the arrival of four brand new episodesnew releases centered on the character of Naruto himself. But since this announcement, we have had more or less no news. Some were hoping for an announcement last March when the official Twitter account announced it would be announced. Narutomania event, but there also, nothing…

#NARUTOMANIA starts 3/28/2024 (JST )!
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March 22, 2024

Naruto,announced last year and then delayed,could finally arrive for contractual reasons. Indeed, in all likelihood, the episodes would more or less be required to be broadcast during the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2025.

< h2>Why are new Naruto episodes taking so long

When the plans for these four new episodes had been made announced, the first episode was to be broadcast on September 3, 2023, butin August of the same year, the committee production company had announced thatthe project had been postponed in order to “improve quality.”No new premiere dates had been announced. given, and we haven't had much news about the project since. This week, however, we finally got an update. day.

Naruto: an idea of ​​the arrival date of the 4 new episodes

During the presentation of TV Tokyo's 2024 annual results. À On this occasion, he was announced that the new episodes ofNaruto were to be contractually broadcast before March 2025. The report states:

While the new series of BORUTO is currently on hiatus, we plan to broadcast new episodes of Naruto]to commemorate the 20th anniversary during this fiscal year. Regarding distribution, we have expanded to Central and South America as well as the Middle East, in addition to global distribution, and the remaining region is Eastern Europe . We are in the final stages of negotiations to find a good partner to manage peripheral activities.

Again, no further details were released. provided, but at least we have an approximate shooting window for the broadcast of these episodes almost worldwide. So even if the episodes are not broadcast in France, we will be there. You're almost sure to find them quickly on foreign platforms. However,it is not sure that the announcement of an anime that is only released for contractual reasons, after having been released for contractual reasons. delayed several times to be “improved”, which is real good news.

Nar uto: an idea e of the arrival date of the 4 new episodes

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