Named the number of electric cars in Ukraine

Named the number of electric cars in Ukraine

In 2021, a number of our spivvitchers bought a record number of electric cars for the river, and a wild fleet of electric cars up to 33,522 units. With each electric car, they occupy close to 1% of the total fleet of cars.

The number of electric cars in Ukraine named

After all-scale war in In all months of the first year of February 2022, the year of birth, for a little bit of birch, the number of registrations of electric cars increased in line with the indicators of 2021.

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There were 39,233 electric cars in Ukraine for 1 sickle. With this, the share of new electric vehicles grew up to 30% of the total number of registrations. By the end of the year, the showings have become 12%.

Because of the credit of the Institute for the sale of the car brand, electric cars of the Nissan brand (1,532 units, 36.1%) were the most popular on the domestic market. Tesla (770 units, 18.1%) leaned on the other side, and Volkswagen (418 units, 9.8%) on the third. A quarter and a fifth of the month was occupied by Renault (231 units, 5.4%) and BMW (189 units, 4.5%) apparently.