Named the most titled video game in history

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The most titled video game in history named

Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

< p>An enthusiast from the ResetEra forum under BrickArts295 counted how many times Elden Ring became the winner in Game of the Year" according to the version of the gaming media, as well as the results of user voting. This reports on the DTF portal.

It turned out that in total the new project From Software received the prestigious title 324 times: 281 times were chosen by the profile press, and the remaining 43 choices  players.

This result is an absolute record for the gaming industry. The previous record-breaking game, according to BrickArts295, was The Last of Us Part II with a score of 322 wins.

The ResetEra enthusiast also counted the number of wins and other projects released in 2022. In second place with the result of 74 victories was God of War: Ragnarok. BrickArts295's top 9 also included Pentiment (4 wins), Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (4 wins), A Plague Tale: Requiem ( 3 wins), Citizen Sleeper (3 wins), Vampire Survivors (3 wins), and Horizon Forbidden West (3 wins).

Prepared by: Sergey Daga 

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