The LADA brand is one of the most popular on the Russian automotive market. Industry specialist Kirill Mileshkin named three reasons why it is better to buy a Vesta at a secondary store than a new Granta. .jpg” alt=”The main reasons to buy a used LADA Vesta instead of a new Granta have been named” />

If we consider the engine, then a used LADA Vesta in a used condition is offered with various engines, among which there is a 113-horsepower produced by the French from Renault. The Granta is only equipped with a 90 hp eight-valve, and its reliability is still questionable.

Another point concerns the cabin. Here, LADA Granta does not have such comfort elements as the heating option and lighting for rear passengers. Vesta is equipped with all this, and very comfortable front seats.

If you take a guarantee, then Granta has a factory one hundred thousand kilometers or 36 months or six years from through rust. In the case of the acquisition of Vesta on the “secondary”, then even a three-year-old model will be sold with the same conditions.



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