Named the best places for resettlement of people in connection with climate change

Named the best places for resettlement of people in connection with climate change

Best climate change relocation sites named

< p>The best places for resettling people due to climate change named


Without natural migration, a third of the world's population will live at temperatures currently observed in the Sahara. Therefore, humanity should think about moving now.

While countries are thinking about how to cut carbon emissions and trying to adapt dangerous places to hotter conditions, for large parts of the world, the local climate is becoming too extreme. People will have to migrate to survive.

This is stated in the Time magazine article.

It is noted that over the next fifty years, high temperatures combined with high humidity will make large areas of the globe deadly for life.

“A large number of the population … will have to look for new homes. You will be among them, or you will accept them. This migration has already begun – we have all seen flows of people fleeing drought-stricken areas of Latin America, Africa and Asia, where agriculture and other rural livelihoods have become impossible.

The authors of the article note that the number of migrants worldwide has doubled over the past decade, and the question is what to do with the rapidly growing number of displaced people, which will increase as the planet warms up.

“We can and must prepare. Developing a radical plan for humanity to survive in a much hotter world involves building huge new cities in a more tolerant High North and giving up vast areas of the unbearable tropics. This includes adapting our food, energy and infrastructure to changing environments and demographics as billions of people will be forced to leave their homes and seek new ones.

Journalists noted that in the United States, regions such as Florida, California and Hawaii will become empty due to climate change, and due to the threat of flooding, the American authorities will be forced to protect New York and, in particular, Manhattan – for this it is planned to build a large wall in the sea , Big U. The most livable territory in the United States will be Alaska, where million-plus cities have yet to be built so that it can accommodate the influx of climate refugees.

In the future, by 2100, one of the best places to live will be Greenland – there will even be forests by this time. Parts of the western coast of Antarctica will also be freed from ice. Scientists predict that Canada, Siberia and other parts of the Russian Federation, as well as Iceland and the countries of Northern Europe will benefit from climate change.

“Cities with charters may appear, states within states, some of the 200 countries will disappear, and the rest gather in regional unions. In this century, people will migrate, and now there is a chance to make everything go according to plan and the transition to a new world would be manageable,” the publication writes.