Just a minute or two and the food is warmed up. This has made microwave ovens the most popular type of home appliance for many. However, according to experts, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. There are, for example, products that cannot be heated under the influence of microwave radiation. ” alt=”Foods that should not be microwaved” />

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As you know, the heating of food in a microwave oven is carried out due to the movement of water molecules. An alternating electromagnetic field at an ultrahigh frequency finds an object for heating, after which the water molecules in it begin to move and, touching each other, begin to quickly provoke an increase in temperature. This scheme may seem quite simple, because waves pass through objects and scatter without accumulating in them. At the same time, Marina Borovkova, a Roskachestvo specialist, emphasizes that there are some limitations.

“The change in the structure of the product when it is heated in a microwave oven depends on how much water it contains, as well as how quickly it can absorb moisture,” she notes.

But Marina Kopytko, a nutritionist, and at all, notes that flour products (buns, sandwiches, pies, etc.) are unlikely to become tastier after a microwave oven. “You need to understand that flour is a powder made from ground grains. Depending on the species and variety, they may contain a large amount of moisture-accumulating starch. Therefore, if you heat a piece of cake for too long, then it first soaks, and then quickly dries out, ”she explained.

It is also undesirable to heat dishes in the microwave oven that contain whole grapes. The problem is that when heated, the pulp in them will boil, which will lead to an explosion of berries from the inside. A certain danger is also fraught with dishes with chilli peppers. The capsaicin contained in the product, which gives it a burning taste, can boil. As a result, the vapors of this substance will concentrate in the oven itself, and when it is opened, a person risks getting damage to the mucous membranes, for example, the eyes.

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