Named five things that can protect the motorist from coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus is a danger for many people, so it is important to follow certain rules to avoid problems. The experts identified five things that can protect a motorist from COVID-19.

Названы пять вещей, способные защитить автолюбителя от коронавируса

During a pandemic coronavirus people have to adapt very quickly. And this applies to almost all spheres of life, and the drivers were no exception. To protect yourself and passengers, motorist should have in their vehicle five things that will protect from COVID-19. The first thing to pay attention to anti-bacterial wipes. Not infrequently motorists stain their hands, and during a pandemic, to use familiar hygiene is not reasonable. It is also better to stock up on a spare mask, since most drivers rarely travel alone in their car. Do not forget about gloves. Moreover, it is desirable to have several pairs, because rubber products are often torn.

Not be amiss and sanitizer. Wiping means any surface, the motorist to protect yourself from coronavirus. And last on the list was sunglasses. Accessory it is advisable to put on when getting out of the car. Scientists have already proved that the coronavirus can enter the body through the eyes, so the extra protection can not hurt. About it reports the Internet portal “Info Reactor”.

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