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Named 7 main settings of smartphones, which should be done immediately after purchase

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

The 7 main smartphone settings that must be made immediately after purchase

After buying a new smartphone, a set of actions must be taken aimed at correct setting and linking of all personalized services to the new device. Here are the seven steps you need to take to get your mobile phone up and running and syncing all of your data.

Linking to a Google Account

< p>The first step is to link the smartphone to a Google account, which contains information about all passwords, search history, photos, information on Google Drive and much more. If the data from the previous account was lost, you can create a new one.

Create a backup copy

Periodically, you should create backup copies on your smartphone and update them, so that in the event of a failure or breakdown of the device, you can return most of the important information. It is best to use Google's built-in services, which can be configured to create regular backups.

Installing the latest version of the OS

Installing the latest version of the operating system is necessary in order to install all the necessary programs and access to a full set of functions. As a rule, all mobile phones from the factory are sold in a somewhat outdated format, which is due to the peculiarities of production.

Removing unnecessary programs

Most modern manufacturers install a set of standard programs on the device. To ensure maximum performance and free up extra space on the drive, it is worth deleting those programs that are not planned to be used in the future.

Security system settings

It is about setting a password on the smartphone, about linking’ scanning a finger or face, setting passwords for individual applications, etc. If we are talking about setting up a smartphone for a child, you can set parental controls.


Personalizing the desktop will allow you to access the necessary applications faster and feel more comfortable with regular use. It is worth sorting all the applications, creating personalized folders, choosing the most attractive design theme.


Finally, you need to configure the network by connecting the sim card, configuring it and entering the password of your network wi-fi to access the Internet access function using a smartphone.

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