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Named 6 things to do after purchasing a new Apple Watch

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

Named 6 things to do after buying a new Apple Watch

The Apple smartwatch is a great addition to your iPhone and is packed with features. But before you dive into all the possibilities, there are six things you should probably do first to get the most out of your watch right after you buy it.

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Turn off the sound (or lower the volume)

By default, the sound is on Apple Watch is on. At first, it's fun to listen to all the unique melodies and alerts that Apple has built into its watch. However, it can get annoying after a while, especially if you have a lot of messages. If you usually keep your iPhone on silent, you might want to do the same with your watch.

To mute your watch, simply swipe up from the bottom, then tap the alarm icon in Control Center.

To simply turn down the volume, go to Settings, then Sounds & Vibration on your watch or in the Watch app, then use the volume icons to adjust accordingly. You can also turn on Silent mode to silence notifications.

Set up the clock to unlock your Mac

If you have a Macbook, especially one without Touch ID, you should set this feature up. Whenever you wake up your Mac by lifting the lid of your MacBook or pressing a key on your iMac, it will immediately unlock as long as your Apple Watch is unlocked and on your wrist.

Turn off notifications for apps that you don't need

By default, Apple Watch displays many notifications, especially if you have many notifications set up on your iPhone. Fortunately, controlling them directly on the watch is quite simple.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to Settings, then Notifications. Browse through all the apps here and turn off notifications for the ones you no longer want to see.

Adjusting this setting is key to fully enjoying your Apple Watch.

Remove unnecessary apps< /h2>

If you have iPhone apps on your watch that you don't need, just get rid of them! If you've set up your watch to download all available apps from your iPhone, you may have a lot more options than you really need.

Removing these apps will make it much easier to find the ones you need because there won't be a pile of apps every time you open the app list. obsolete options.

You can remove apps from your Apple Watch just like you would on an iPhone: tap and hold an app you no longer need, then tap the (X) icon.

Alternatively, open the Watch app, find a list of installed apps, tap the one you want to remove, and toggle the “Show on Apple Watch” toggle to confirm the removal.

Set up cellular (if you have have an Apple Watch with cellular support)

If you have an Apple Watch with cellular support, it won't work out of the box. Instead, you will need to buy a cellular plan from your operator. You can start this process from Settings, then Cellular on your watch, or through the Watch app on your iPhone.

The cellular settings page will only appear in the Watch app if you have a connected watch with cellular connectivity. Also, the red bezel on the crown of the watch is a clear sign.

Save battery life

If you have a more modern Apple Watch, it most likely has an Always On display ). With it, you can quickly glance at the clock to see the time, see new messages, or read data from the watch face without activating it at all.

While this feature is cool, it drains the battery a lot. To extend battery life, consider turning it off by going to Settings, then Display & Brightness, and Always On.

It's also recommended to turn off App Background Refresh under General , then Update App Background. While this feature can be useful for updating content in various Apple Watch apps, it also eats up battery power. It's probably better to just run programs when you really need them.

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