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Named 5 ways to increase the speed of the Internet on a Wi-Fi router

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr16,2024

5 ways to increase the speed of the Internet on a Wi-Fi router are named

Many people know that modern Wi-Fi networks are quite capricious in terms of signal quality. But not everyone knows that the speed can be affected by things and objects that, it would seem, have nothing to do with the Internet at all. We tell you what can be changed in the apartment to improve the signal from the router.

1. Move the router

Do not place the router too low to the floor. The signal from the router is arc-shaped, approximately the same as it is depicted on the branded Wi-Fi icon. Therefore, when the router is located too low, part of the signal will be directed directly to the floor. For the same reason, you should not place the router in closed cabinets, and even more so inside low-current shields.

2. Remove insulating objects from the router.


It may sound strange, but an aquarium can actually slow down your Wi-Fi. Pure water is an insulator, but in its natural state it contains dissolved salts and other substances, making it a partial conductor. However, the higher the conductivity, the weaker the radio signal.

Therefore, you should not place the router near the aquarium not only because of the possible negative impact on the health of the fish, but also because of the ability of water to absorb radio frequency energy.

< h3>Mirrors

Another interior item that should be removed from the router is a mirror. The mirror can reflect or block the signal, due to which the Internet speed on the receiving device can drop.

By the way, sometimes this property can be used to your advantage, for example, when you need to reflect the signal from the router to the next room, behind a thick wall.

Wi-Fi wireless cameras

Wireless cameras are also not recommended to be placed near the router. Any Wi-Fi devices are subject to interference from other gadgets operating on the same frequency. This is caused by a phenomenon such as wave interference.

Bluetooth devices

Many users try to place a Wi-Fi router closer to their workplace – the table on which the computer is standing. On the one hand, it is understandable – there is always a free outlet near the computer, as well as other devices that are convenient to connect directly with a network cable. However, this location risks degrading the Wi-Fi signal.

This is about some Bluetooth devices, such as a wireless keyboard or mouse. In close proximity to the router, they can create obstacles that disrupt the signal. This also includes various wireless speakers and headsets operating at a frequency of 2.4 or 5 GHz.

3. Check the temperature

In the process of operation, any electronics actively emit heat, which affects the operation of the equipment. Exposure to high temperatures definitely won't make your Wi-Fi faster, so place the router away from heat sources, radiators, and direct sunlight.

4. Remove the router from electrical appliances

Household appliances are not as harmless as they seem at first glance. Electromagnetic radiation transmitted from the router to your gadgets affects their work, so avoid a large accumulation of household appliances near the router.

And most importantly – put away the microwave oven. Most microwaves operate in the same frequency range as the router and create interference in its operation. In other words, the kitchen and the router – things are incompatible.

You can eliminate the conflict between devices by switching the router to a frequency of 5 GHz. Many modern models support operation at two frequencies – 2.4 and 5 GHz. And you can also try to switch the router to a freer communication channel, thereby eliminating possible interference from other equipment.

5. Change Channel or Band

On the 2.4GHz frequency, 11 to 13 20 or 40 MHz wide communication channels with 5 MHz intervals are available for wireless networks. The accumulation of gadgets on one of these channels can affect the neighboring ones and reduce their bandwidth.

Choose the “correct” channel will be helped by special utilities such as WiFi Analyzer. You can download the program for Windows here.

After installation, the program will show the busyness of channels and all devices connected to them, and will also recommend switching to a freer channel. You can switch to another channel in the admin panel of your router, in the “Network” tab. or “Wi-Fi”.

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